Back in the Saddle

My classes have started this week.  I love teaching, such an intimate way to explore with another person.  I have had two of my adult classes over the last two evenings and am so happy to bring teaching back into the ground of influence.

Tuesday is a beginning wheel class with 9 students.  It is a diverse group ranging in age from 14 to 60+.  It has been some time since I taught wheel to adults and I was a bit nervous about my approach fearing that teaching kids for so long, I might be to careful with them but all went very well.  Every one was able to keep a piece and seemed to have a great time.

This evening was a sculpture class.  Truly this is my favorite class to teach and I was worried I would have to kill it as it had been doing quite poorly in attendance for a year. Moving the class to a week night did the trick.  The class is full at 10 students and all did well. We worked with pinching and attachments.  I am hoping to structure this class differently from past sculpture classes, giving less of a project and just introducing various techniques for the first hour and then allowing people more creative space for the second hour.  It went well and no one got stuck for ideas.

Friday the Arts Academy begins and I am excited to see some of my dearest short friends.  I have kids in that program that I have been teaching since they were 6 who are now middle schoolers or older.  Its a rare gift for a teacher to get to work with a student over many years.  Its one of the best things about being a community studio teacher.


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