Hi. My name is …

Hi. My name is Kate Fox and I am a begging graduate student this semester with an emphasis in ceramic art. I live in Pueblo Colorado and have been a working artist for 15 years. I am resident artist at the Sangre de Cristo Arts Center here in Pueblo. I have held the position for 10 years.

My personal life is a little less straight forward. I am mom to two kids, Aidan who is 11 and Emma who is 9. the three of us and their dad are in the midst of the big change of divorce. Shane has been my studio partner as well as my life partner for 15 years so the change is vast. Being compassionate and respectful is the priority but I can’t say I always figure it out.

My first week of school has been about reorganization. I moved and gutted my studio. No small feat considering it has been a pottery studio for 40 years. Every bit of equipment has been moved and cleaned. the entire space has been reorganized to make studio management easier since I will continue to teach my regular schedule while i do school and explore the realm of single parenting.

The next step? get on the course work and make it golden.



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